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Rev.T.Dass. started this conversation  is an Indian Evangelical Christian social service national NGO, with aims and objectives of serving the pooerest of the poor, held up in rural vilages with poverty, ignorance,caste system, illeterecy, sickness and other evils and up-lift them totally and give them a dignified life. Bethel is running an orphanage with 25 ids for the last 7 years with the support from few individual friends.

Bethel is seeking funds to continue to provide a good standard of accomodation, food, medical care, recreation, higher education and vocational training. We need annually$.25,000 to achieve this.

Bethel is re-locating the girls to a new campus in 1 year's time. We need $.1,00,000/ to buy land, construct biuilding inferastructure and furnish them.

Bethel is starting up a vocational training and Computer Training is the 1st choice, besides the Tailoring training. We need around $. 20,000, to achieve this.

Bethel needs a van for multy purpose use. Bethel campus is situated in a remote village. Shoping, schooling, hospital, compter hubs are available 10 k.m away. we need about $.20,000/

We are desperate with these needs for years. I will be very gratreful if you could lend a helping hand. You  can contact me for further details, if you need further details.

Thank you!





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